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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

When shooting JPGs I set NR to -2 and sharpness to -1. It could be that setting sharpness to 0 will allow the camera to do a small amount of sharpness enhancement before saving the JPG, and I prefer to have none at all. I think a sharpness setting of -2 actually reduces image sharpness, but I have not tested it thoroughly.

In post I use Photoshop Elements, and set sharpness enhancement to a radius of 0.3 to 0.5 pixels and a strength of 100%. This is similar to what DPR does with their JPGs in their camera reviews and I think it is a good thing to do with color filter array sensors such as X-trans and Bayer. Usually this delivers very nice sharpness for me but if I see haloes I cut down on the strength. Larger radii deliver sharpening haloes at much lower strengths. A lot depends on the lens too.

Sharpening results and overall detail seem better to me if I shoot my X-E1 JPGs in M3:2 rather than L3:2 size. Lately I've been doing all my X-E1 JPG shooting at M3:2.  Seems to result in less color fringing too, but color fringing is a minor problem even at L3:2.

A lot of this (or all of this) is personal preference of course.

Sorry I have no knowledge of how the NEX does its JPGs but the DPR camera reviews might show that some in-camera sharpening is going on. Frequently a difference in contrast between two images can lead to the impression that the higher contrast image is sharper, so there are subjective effects that come into play, and they can be misleading.

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