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Re: I want a do-over

Bill Randall wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

I got 2 wrong. Instead of nitrogen being most common in our atmosphere I said oxygen. Instead of rusty nail being an example of a chemical reaction I said dissolving sugar.

I want a do-over.

Judging from the all the above posts I guess I am the only idiot on the forum.

Most probably not.

Assuming we have a reasonable spread of people on this forum, it's inevitable that a decent portion of them will get at least some wrong.

If we see results across the board with nothing but 13's, that suggests either:
Everyone on the forum is quite well versed in science or,

Some people took the test more than once, cheated, etc.

The first is somewhat unlikely. The second, extremely likely.

Personally, I'm far more impressed by people who can admit they made a mistake and remain honest, rather than those who do well in a science quiz.

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