Overall best digital compact for concert photography

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Re: Overall best digital compact for concert photography

jonrobertp wrote:

Do NOT shoot flash. They'l dislike you.

Use any iso you need to. It's that, or zip.

Shoot wide open.

Depending on the movement spd of the performer...anywhere from 1/80 and up to 1/200 should do it.

Often best shots are when underexposed by about 2/3 stop in concert light...and beware of rapidly changing lights...of bright lights behind the singer...and expose for the face. When you chimp the shots...since it's dark in there, they will look brighter than they actually are later on computer.

thanks - pretty much mirrors what I was thinking.  I was thinking of starting out in AV mode to gauge what's doable.  I'm also thinking of getting a spare battery, and 2 16gb cards for redundancy.  Oh, and probably the 3rd party grip that is highly recommended for this camera too...

Thanks again.


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