XZ-1 Photo - Me and my pal.

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Re: XZ-1 Photo - Me and my pal.

Ben O Connor wrote:

Nice warm expressions. And also nice pal you have, I bet he just keep walk and waits you patiently while you take a shot.

Most of us has a "camera widows" (a great description made by forum member Aaron Sur ) with us during photo shoots. ... And after a 30min of any walking to hearing complaining are not cool inspration killer "Honey !!! are we walking or stoppiing or going back wards !! whats that !!!" comments...

I believe your pal free of all these Thanks to introduece him to us. Keep shoot & share


Hello Ben!

Thank you for your nice comments and yes, my pal is a joy to have with me.  He is always patient, doesn't care where we go, what we shoot, how long it takes, etc, etc.  He is just happy to be with me, being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and scenery.  I'll try and attach a few shots of him with me when doing the recent Canadian geese shoot.  These aren't works of art, just candid shots that express his enjoyment of what we are doing together.

To be fair, on the occassions my better half joins us for a day of shooting, she does have fun and is greatly tolerant of me trying to compose the shot or seraching for something of meaning to shoot.  But my pal does get more exited about the idea of going out "on the hunt".

Thanks again Ben for taking the time to view my photos and for your comments.

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