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Re: Why should the RX10 be interesting...

marike6 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

marike6 wrote:

...why should an almost 2 lb camera (heavier than virtually every APS-C / m43 mirrorless, and most mid-range DSLRs) be of interest to m43 users?

It's because this camera has just opened up a new point on the sensor size / capability spectrum, and that point is directly adjacent to M43.

So your answer is because some m43 don't even need the capabilities of m43 cameras?

Exactly. Again, what I'm saying is that there was a huge gap between M43 and the small-sensor superzooms. It seems obvious to me that in the very diverse spectrum of photographers there would be some who would have wanted a camera somewhere in the middle of that gap. At least some of them would considering the RX10 or an M43 camera, because they are neighbors in the spectrum of capabilities.

So I suppose after everyone here buys the RX10, your next post will contend that the new Panasonic FZ300 Bridge camera with a 2/3" sensor is interesting to Sony 1" users.

If such a camera was really built then that's a possibility. But the smaller the gaps get the more the overlap is between adjacent models. The RX10 was plugging the biggest gap this side of medium format. The remaining gaps are a lot smaller.

I guess by the end of 2015, all m43 users will be using smartphone cameras because that's "all they need".

What is it about "RX10 is the next step down from M43" that you don't understand? I"m not saying that all people are going to downsize, and I'm not saying they're going to jump halfway across the range of sensor sizes. I'm saying that the RX10 is plugging a particularly large hole in the spectrum of camera capabilities. Some people are going to move up to it from cameras like the FZ200, and some are going to move down from cameras like M43.

You seem to be focused on the idea that people have downsized from DSLRs to M43 and that I'm suggesting they'll further downsize to the RX10.   You're ignoring the people who have upsized from smaller camera systems.  It works both ways.   It's some of those people at the lower end of M43 requirements who might consider a move down.

Just as M43 users have decided they don't need FF or APS-C capabilities, some of the people who choose the RX10 will do so because they decide they don't need M43 capabilities.

So the $1400 RX10 is interesting because m43 cameras are overkill for the majority of users here?

Stop putting words into my mouth. I said that there would be some M43 users that would be interested in the RX10. Nowhere did I say or imply "majority", and I certainly don't believe it to be the case.

Wow. That's just sad. I've seen some extremely high quality images here and I know that they are tons of m43 users here who care about the craft of photography and what you have just said is just sad.

You seem awfully defensive, as if any sales of RX10 cameras are some sort of threat to you.

What I said is the truth for some people. It doesn't apply to those for whom the RX10 is inadequate, any more than it applies to APS-C or FF users for whom M43 is inadequate. We all have different needs and should choose the camera best suited to them. The RX10 plugs a hole in the range of sensor sizes and capabilities and so of course some people with needs that closely match its capabilities are going to choose it.

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