Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

Good thoughts. I would at a minimum make comparisons based on tripod shots, same scene, same lighting, as close as possible apertures, etc. Still, you also have to account for different lenses.

I admire Fuji for re-thinking sensors a bit, since much earlier days, as has Sigma and Foveon, of course. Digital is wonderful, but homogeneous, much like the film days with traditional films and the T/D grain films. Yes, the newer T/D grain films had finer grain, but too homogeneous, thus lacking acutance to my eye and different handling of light.

Would love to see more attempts at a composite, heterogeneous sensor. The OEMs are finally expanding with removing or altering the AA filter, but there is a long ways to go to refine the digital image. We had silver halide and iron salts imagery. Now, digital. Is there anything else possible?

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