Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

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Re: Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

I believe the problem is that while it doesn't sound like a huge change to make an f1.2 or f1.4 lens instead of an f1.7 (the difference between f1.7 and f1.2 is only one stop...) in terms of design for every fraction of a stop you open the aperture, the exponentially harder it is to design the lens to a good standard of quality. Things like keeping a good focus accuracy require finer autofocus motors and controllers, keeping a flat plain of focus or removing aberrations require more corrective optics in the design and corner sharpness becomes much harder to control the wider the aperture goes. So for that aperture gain the costs for a company to get that lens into shops are going to be significantly higher.

Then of course if you do want to build that stunning 15mm f1.4 lens, because it costs so much to actually produce the final price to a consumer is going to be pretty astronomical, and the demand for it is going to be pretty niche.

I guess this is one area where mft is still lacking - there just isn't the same userbase of 'high end' photographers who are willing to spend quite so much on a very specialised bit of kit. Unlike the big SLR manufacturers who have had decades in control of the pro photographers market and to whom even a niche lens is still going to be in demand by a notable amount of users willing to shell out the costs.

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