Is F 1.2 really that difficult ??

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David Kieltyka
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Yeah, it is

At least f/1.2 is difficult if you want it done well. Check out all the lenses made for the commercial marketplace over the past 80 years (roughly the era of modern lens design) and note how few of them are faster than f/1.4. Also, it wouldn't make any sense to pair a tiny camera like the GM1 with a big lens. Also also, lenses faster than f/1.4 provide diminishing returns with current electronic sensors when it comes to speed. The extra light strikes the sensor at very oblique angles and mostly goes to waste. With the Voigtländers, for example, you get shallower DOF by opening up from f/1.4 to f/1.0 but not much increase in the number of photons converted by the sensor into image data.


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