Bottom Falls Out Of SD1 Merrill Prices

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Re: Bottom Falls Out Of SD1 Merrill Prices

DMillier wrote:

Is this an official price drop?

I notice on the WEX site the SD1 is shown as having an official price only £100 cheaper than the D800 (!!!) although they claim it is on sale £290 off that price.

It would be promising if the price were moving down to more realistic APS-C prices rather than top of the range full framers with their very expensive imagers. The 24MP AA-less D7100 is shown at £839 and I would have thought that the SD1m needs to be under £1000 to be viable.

How many units of any camera brand/model sell over that price - not many I would guess. How many Sigmas get sold at £1850 in the UK? It must be homing in on close to a big fat zero, I would imagine.

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Low volume equals high per piece price. No one who is interested in a conventional camera would consider an underspected Sigma body at the present price point, hence comparatively low sales. Only Foveon diehards would pay $1500-$2200 for the SD1M--I certainly won't, and I love the Foveon look. But the body just has too many usage flaws for me to be interested. I'm waiting for the next SD iteration to see whether I'll buy one or not.

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