Would Nikon do .....

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Re: Would Nikon do .....

Probably hated the horrible Olympus menus!  Worst on the planet that I have seen...No logic at all...

bjzwaan wrote:

AustinB wrote:

Hi Bas, I don't mean to turn you off from the system. The V1 is my favorite camera I've ever owned. To be honest, I bought an OMD a month back to replace it. Instead of the V1 going to ebay, the OMD did. This is exactly what frustrates me about Nikon not developing it or communicating with its customer base. Such a great product, despite the areas it falls short in on paper.

By all means, add the 18.5. For the money, it's really a lock. That lens with a V1 is about 500$, and you get a perfect walk around system.

Hi, I am not at all considering getting rid of the V1; just to get that clear.

I am curious as to why you did not like the OMD? Care to share?


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