My FZ200 is driving me nuts!

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Re: My FZ200 is driving me nuts!

PC Wheeler wrote:

Fun shots

The second one looks to have blown highlights in the upper left corner. You might want to try EC = -1/3 or so.

The funny thing about blown highlights is that sometimes the scene really actually looked that way. For example:

Now that shot is technically flawed (in more ways than one, actually). Even I don't like it now that I've developed a case of blown-highlight-o-phobia along with everyone else. But that is actually quite an accurate representation of just how brilliant the suns reflection was at the time.

I was actually explaining to a friend the other day that photography isn't always about accurately capturing a subject. Sometimes it's about "correcting" what you see with your eyes, as if our perception of reality itself has unacceptable flaws. I have mixed feelings about that. Anyway, just rambling a little...

Is nota that bad. I like it.
Abita over exposed but correctable.
Brigtness and reflection is parte of nature.
I think a polarized filter would help there... perhaps is a good idea to use it shoring in sunlight...

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