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Re: Why should the RX10 be interesting...

marike6 wrote:

I have no problem with the Sony RX10 (other than the price which seems high for a bridge camera). The point is was trying to make is: why should an almost 2 lb camera (heavier than virtually every APS-C / m43 mirrorless, and most mid-range DSLRs) be of interest to m43 users?

It's because this camera has just opened up a new point on the sensor size / capability spectrum, and that point is directly adjacent to M43.   Before the 1" sensor cameras were introduced, there was a huge gap between M43 and "compact" cameras.   Now the 1" sensors provide a new choice for those who don't quite need the capabilities of the M43 system but who aren't satisfied with small-sensor compacts.

Just as M43 users have decided they don't need FF or APS-C capabilities, some of the people who choose the RX10 will do so because they decide they don't need M43 capabilities.   And of all the 1" sensor cameras out there, this one has the greatest focal length range while having a lens fast enough to distinguish it from its smaller-sensored compatriots - and it has a lot of features such as (presumably) good video, weather sealing, etc. which may have attracted people to M43.   Yes it's large and heavy, but not really any more so than carrying around an M43 body and two zoom lenses or even an M43 body and the 14-140.

Like it or not, for a certain slice of the market this is an M43 competitor.   I've been waiting for the right M43 camera to show up for quite a long time, and I'm now considering the RX10 instead.  I can't be the only one out there thinking this way.

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