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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

DMillier wrote:

Seems a perfectly reasonable question to me, not sure why you are dismissing it. The cameras use the same sensor, the detail should be the same. If they are not, then there has to be a reason.

The question the OP is asking is: is the reason the xtrans CFA?

If it is the reason, then clearly the xtrans approach is not doing what it is advertised as doing, producing crisper, sharper pictures by allowing the safe omission of the AA filter. And if this is the case, Fuji would better serve their customers by using conventional Bayer array (or solving the problem). I don't think this is an issue to dismiss. .

If on the other hand, it is not the CFA but something else, workflow, shutter slap, mis-focusing or whatever, then the OP would probably appreciate being guided to a solution.

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The reason is the processing. Many here, including myself, have shown that the X-Trans sensor produces a great amount of detail when processed using certain methods. But if you aren't using that work flow, and the NEX line of cameras produces more details for you, then by all means use the NEX line. The beauty is that we have choices.

Does the X-Trans produce more detail than bayer? Nope. Why would it? It's the same resolution. The only advantage the X-Trans has is that it's CFA allows for a lack of AA *and* minimal moire patterns. Take the AA off of a regular 16mp bayer, and it'll likely produce the same detail (under optimal processing) as the X-Trans, but might show a little more moire under certain conditions.

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