Swapping EM1 for A7

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Re: A7 is very mature

bluevellet wrote:

ha ha shooting with the SE16 on the A7r is essentially wasting the sensor's potential, even in crop mode.

This idea that because you have a 36mp camera you need to maximize the sensor's potential every time you press the shutter is ridiculous. The reality is that most people are already wasting 24mp or 36mp without crop mode. As I mentioned in my post, if you will never need more than 16mp then you don't need the A7r anyway.

Maybe a better way to look at it. How would you go about shooting in full frame with 36mp with the E-M1 if you needed to say 40% of the time?

To have a camera that can maximize the sensor's potential when needed and "waste" the sensor's potential the rest of the time is a good problem to have.  Of course if you are just going to use APS-C lenses all of the time then you probably don't need the A7r but I wasn't suggesting that anyone do that.

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