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Re: Needlessly bloated??

Donny out of Element here wrote:

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Donny out of Element here wrote:

daddyo wrote:

If you really think the new Sony cameras are the equivalent in size to the E-M1, then you haven't thought the system through very carefully, as the Sony lenses across the board will be heavier, larger, and more expensive than m4/3 equivalent lenses.

A7/r with 35mm f2,8 Zeiss prime is same size as O-MD with 17mm f1.8. Not all lenses for FF are big. As for expensive or not: compare m43 lens Oly 17mm f1.8 for $500 and FF 35mm f2.8 ZEISS prime for $800 - do you think $300 difference is justified for a premium luxury lens from ZEISS that covers FF sensor 4 times the size of m43 sensor?

Now simple math: for OMD to achieve same shallow DOF as 35mm f2.8 FF can do - it needs to have 17mm f1.4! lens not f1.8, so in terms of DOF FF 2.8 beats m43 f1.8. Now in terms of exposure f1.8 is more bright lens, BUT A7/r will easily outperform OMD f1.8 due to better signal to noise ratio on high ISO usage. For A7/r even Auto mode includes ISO6400 as working ISO, but in RAW you can easily use ISO12800. I am not even going to argue that DR (dynamic range) of A7/r is much better than any m43 camera. As well as color reproduction. Why Sony went with f2.8 instead of f2 or f1.4? To keep size small and to have a lens that is very sharp from edge to edge. When price is almost same and size is almost same - one needs to be really m43 fan to chose m43 instead of A7/r. Just my 0.02 cents.

You have picked one lens though which happens to be Sonys small one. What about the 70-200mm f4 or the 55mm f1.8? The fact the A7 has body flex and is not as good with legacy lenses. For that you need the A7r. What about the flashgun system problems. Then there is the possible tripod mount issues. And it is all well and good having the body but where are all the other lenses? No portrait lens. Sony have yet to bring one out for the Nex range. 5 more next year and 5 the year later... that is a joke. Even now they can't tell all the lenses for next year. Sony have a reputation for failing to deliver on lenses.

A7/r is just announced, it's not even available in shops until Christmas. And yet already there are 5 new FE lenses. Fuji started with just 2 or 3. Even m43 started with just a few lenses. IMHO Sony has a very good start already. As for legacy lenses - you are mistaken: it's actually opposite - A7 is better for legacy lenses due to 24Mp, instead of 36Mp on A7r. However, both are designed with sensors that are specifically good with wide legacy lenses. That is a main change in sensor tech that was done. Finally there are 2 adapters (one with A99 PDAF system - which is lightning fast) that extends the number of lenses available currently for A7/r: every A-mount lens will work natively with full AF speed. There are plenty of portrait lenses in A-mount.

Totally incorrect. The A7r is more suited to legacy lenses because it has micro lens in the sensor which improves quality with lenses with a short flange. Yes the 24mp is better suited but Sony messed up and only put microlenses in one of the sensors.

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