X100 - V:2 - Problem - anybody else??

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Re: X100 - V:2 - Problem - anybody else??

Sutto wrote:

I wrote about this on 'that other site', and got many responses indicating I am not the only one - we could have a real problem here!

I have my same 95m/s card, I have 'info' screen set on the LCD, I have 'eye sensor' set on as usual, and card formatted. When I look into the OVF or EVF and take a photo, it is taken almost immediately, and gives me back my live view in order to take the next photo - no problem here. However - here is the problem - if I take the photo and immediatly pull the camera away from my eye, and wait for the 'info' screen to appear back on the LCD, so I can turn the flash on or change something for my next photo - there is a very long lag (2.5-3 seconds), for it to come on.

I'm set up the same way you are.  Shoot r+j. My info screen is available almost immediately if taking one shot. The more fast shots in a row, the longer it takes for the info screen to display. Always been like that to my knowledge.

Can somebody please try it and tell me it is not so. I do a lot of street photogrpahy and need that instantaneous reaction from the photo being taken, to having my screen clear on the back and ready to change any settings for my next photo. I even have 'image display' turned off so I have no hold-ups, after the photo has been taken. It takes a few long seconds for my 'info' screen to come on - (it is just black) - and by then any new photo opportunity will be long gone.

You are very fortunate to have so many opportunities presented in such short intervals. Candidly, a dslr suits your style of shooting much better than an X100.

Very nice portfolio.

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