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Re: A7 is very mature

Brian Caslis wrote:

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Lenses, lenses, lenses. Our system is "mature" while the other is still in preschool.



This is not really a whole new product for Sony but an enhancement of their already excellent NEX and RX1 products.

And Sony has already announced a pretty large number of FE lenses.

And before the end of 2013 you will have exactly two native choices. The 28-70 kit zoom and the 35mm $800 price.

And you are incorrect unless our definition of native is different.

- There are 43 native e mount lenses that will give you 15-16mp APS-C today on the A7r. Unless I am missing something this is at a minimum equal to the best m4/3 sensor and probably better when you look at DR, high ISO performance, etc.

- Plus there are 78 A mount full frame lenses that can be used with the LAEA4 adapter which also gives you full resolution, functionality plus PDAF. I can't speak for the E-M1 but I would think that the A7r with PDAF may give you superior performance in certain situations.

- There are also 37 A mount APS-C lenses that can be used with the LAEA4 .

- And there are many discontinued Minolta and 3rd partly A mount lenses not included in the above.

- And for manual focus the A7r should play nice and be a powerful combination with some of the best DSLR lenses made by Nikon, Canon, etc.

So, just to name a few of the outstanding lenses that I could see mounted to the A7r:

E mount: Zeiss 12, Zeiss 32, Sony 10-18, 20, 24, 35, 50, 16-70, Sigma 19, 30, 60 A mount: Sony CZ 24 2, 16-35 2.8, 24-70 2.8, Sony 20 2.8, 35 1.4, 50 1.4, 85 1.4, 100 2.8, 135 1.8, 70-300, Sigma 35 1.4 Nikon: 14-24, 105 micro, 28 2.8, 35 2, 50 AIS

There are obviously still many reasons to prefer m4/3 over a small full frame camera like the A7/r but this idea that you can't find a lens to put on it is a bit dramatic.  You can find just about any combination of size, resolution, AF, price or range that you want.  If you want the smallest possible combination then go with either MF lenses or APS-C e mount. If you want AF performance for action, etc or telephoto then go with A mount.  As more FE lenses are released you have the option of those to provide the best balance of performance and size.

Now, if you want the best combination of size and weight, smallest lenses with excellent performance, IBIS, very good AF, and you don't need full frame or 24/36mp then the choice is obvious but the idea that you have to go with m4/3 only because you can't find lenses for the A7/r is overstated in my opinion.

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