Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

marike6 wrote:

Don't know the OP at all, but yes reputation matters. When you have posters claiming to own ALL of the latest cameras (NEX6, XE1, GX7, 70D, RX100 II) and then you see their user gallery with zero images from any of those cameras, it raises questions about credibility and frankly, about trolling.

What do you care if I have photos in my gallery or not? ...And I not not own a GX7 or a RX100II.

I do not need to show YOU any pictures from any of my cameras just to prove to you that I have them. That is of MY concern.

. And the fact that the OP seems so concerned with pixel peeping images at 100% calls into question their priorities and whether they are interested in actual photography or are more concerned with gear head forum bragging rights.

1- When did I say I was comparing photos at 100%? If you read clearly, I said "just by zooming in a bit". And YES, I own both an X-E1 and NEX-6, and I DO see differences in sharpness and detail in certain shots at times. I do not care what any other website says or what someone from YouTube says. I have compared them and seen it myself.

2-Who am I bragging to? Have you seen any posts of me bragging about all the cameras I own or how I take such great photos with them? I guess not, if "I don't have any photos in my gallery" right?

3-What YOU need to prioritize, is your own life and your own gear. Does me asking questions about comparisons of cameras I own concern you at all? Does the fact of me owning over 6 different cameras impact your life? All I did was ask a simple question to see if someone was experiencing the same thing.

And no, reputation does not matter. This is a freaking internet photography message board. There are more important things to life than coming here for "bragging rights".

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