EM1 vs Fuji XE-2

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EM1 vs Fuji XE-2

I've got the Fuji X100, X100s, XE1 with 18mm and 18-55mm F2.8-4.  Sony RX100Mk2.  Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm.

My usual travel combination is the Fuji X100s and Sony RX100Mk2.  Reason is that I use the Fuji X100s both indoors and outdoors and find the EVF of the XE1 hopeless outdoors in bright sunlight.  The Sony RX100Mk2 is to hand to stranger to take photos of me and my wife because if I hand them a Fuji, invariable, the focus will screw up.

While I missed the speed of the Nikon when shooting ballroom dance competitions, which the Fuji were too slow, I eventually gave up shooting those.

I was excited with the Olympus EM-1, so I pre-ordered it with the 12-40mm.  With the Fuji, I was shooting around F4 indoors mainly due to the zoom.  With the EM-1 I was hoping to shoot at F2.8, offset the superior high ISO noise control of the Fuji.

Now the Fuji XE-2 is out, with supposedly faster focus, I'm in two minds about the EM-1.  Some reasons.

1.  Most expensive for me to start with Olympus having to invest in lens and flash.

2.  I'm used to the superb high ISO of the Fuji.  Not sure if the Fuji is just one stop better, if so, its equally due to the F2.8 I probably would shoot with Olympus vs F4 on Fuji.  But if its two stops better, the Fuji would still hold an advantage.  I would typically require around ISO 3200-6400 for shooting indoor ballroom dance competitions.

3.  Not sure if the Fuji XE-2 would be fast enough for ballroom dance competitions.

4.  Not sure how well the Face detection of the Fuji XE-2 is .. heard the eye detection of the Olympus is really good.

5.  The Olympus is kind of heavy for a 4/3 by the time u include the small flash.  The Fuji combination even with lens is probably a bit lighter.

6.  The Olympus IBIS will allow me to use the 17mmF1.8 with stabilisation, whereas the Fuji with 18mmF2 would not have stabilisation.  I would think the Olympus IBIS would still be better than the Fuji OIS of the zooms.

7.  While not that important, the weather proofing of the Olympus would be nice on holiday, not having to constantly keep the camera on the bag, which I do now with the Fuji.

8.  Not sure how well the EM-1 EVF would door outdoors in bright sunlight.  The Fuji XE1 is hopeless, and the XE-2 don't seem to have anything improving on the respect.  The faster frame rate is more for indoors.

Any thoughts on this?

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