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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

DMillier wrote:

Does any of this "reputation" thing matter, like you suggest? The poster (whichever one) asked a simple question that ought to stand in isolation.

Don't know the OP at all, but yes reputation matters. When you have posters claiming to own ALL of the latest cameras (NEX6, XE1, GX7, 70D, RX100 II) and then you see their user gallery with zero images from any of those cameras, it raises questions about credibility and frankly, about trolling.

It seems a valid question, why not just answer it rather then dreaming up ad hom excuses for not doing so? Switching the point of attack to the poster seems like defensiveness and invites suspicion that the old hands know something bad about xtrans they are hiding. Probably the opposite effect than you intend by silencing the questioner.

XTrans and RAW conversion has been covered over and over and over again. The idea that other 16 mp crop sensor Bayer sensor cameras have more detail than a well processed XTrans image been disproven over and over again (see any Lenstip Fujifilm lens review to see MTF scores as good or better than any other APS-C lenses or have a look at DPR studio test comparisons). And the fact that the OP seems so concerned with pixel peeping images at 100% calls into question their priorities and whether they are interested in actual photography or are more concerned with gear head forum bragging rights.

But any serious questions about X-Trans files can be thoroughly answered with a simple Google search which will return dozens of comparisons with crops from all the various RAW processors and by having a look at the many recent forum posts on this well covered topic.

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