Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

Does any of this "reputation" thing matter, like you suggest?  The poster (whichever one) asked a simple question that ought to stand in isolation.

It seems a valid question, why not just answer it rather then dreaming up ad hom excuses for not doing so? Switching the point of attack to the poster seems like defensiveness and invites suspicion that the old hands know something bad about xtrans they are hiding. Probably the opposite effect than you intend by silencing the questioner.

I'm interested (slightly, not that much really, because I bought my XE1 for the user interface, not xtrans). I assumed its output would be more or less the same as every other 16MP sony sensor because they all generally are. I may get concerned in future if it turns out Xtrans is inherently flawed.  I could compare my 5n and K5 16MP sensors but unless it becomes obvious using the XE1 that there is a major problem, i won't bother. But I'd still be interested in seeing someone else's results and the answers to this question.

It's also important given the way Fuji market Xtrans as better.  No benefits, I can accept with no qualms, but promising the best and delivering something worse would be irritating to say the least.

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