Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

I appreciate your dislike of editing images but I feel it's worth saying you are missing out.

The ability to easily and quickly edit and image in a way that in film days would have taken a highly skilled worker hours to do is IMO the single biggest advantage of digital.  Now everyone has the opportunity to produce images to better than yesterday's professional standards with the minimum of skill and effort.  Almost every great image in the history of photography has a certain amount of editing. It's very rare to produce a great shot by pointing and clicking.

Not everyone wants to spend hours at the computer but most photographer's output would be hugely improved by:

1. Deleting 99% of their images

2. Spending 60 secs of editing time per image tightening up the remaining 1%.

This is what makes the difference between an admired photographer and a snapshotter.

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