So now my lenses are obsolete too!!!?

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Re: So now my _______ lenses are obsolete too!!!?

davidkachel wrote:

First, Sony eliminated any possibility of an upgrade path for my a900 with that 99 abomination with no sensor upgrade, and their ridiculous, 'no more optical viewfinders' policy. NOW, when they finally release a FF 36 megapixel camera, it also uses different lenses!?! My lenses are now useless without a silly, resolution robbing adapter?

Or silly APS-C size sensor.

Wow! Just how badly does Sony want to pi** off professionals?

Been done before - Minolta 1985 Maxxum mount change to AF & Canon 1987 EOS mount AF.

I was never a Nikon user, but now have no choice. At least with Nikon I can be absolutely certain that the lens I buy today will work on the camera body I buy in 20 years. With Sony, I can now be sure only that whatever I buy today will be abandoned in just a couple of years.

Nikon 1987 AF & usually only AIS manual lenses & not all AF bodies.

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My Minolta stuff was obsolete - in 2002 when no Minolta dslr was available, in 2005 when 7D was APS-C & no FF, in 2010 A33 (still crop factor issue, couldn't afford A850), in March 2013 when I got EM5. Sold all Minolta & Sony stuff July 2013, no regrets other than wish EM5 hit my radar sooner (too focused on A77 as an upgrade - EM5 blipped my radar Feb 2013 & won hands down).

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