X100 - V:2 - Problem - anybody else??

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Re: X100 - V:2 - Problem - anybody else??

montera2 wrote:

I just tried it, while the "saving" led is blinking, I could change the aperture and the compensation dial and response was immediate in the VF. But I'm only using the VF and it operates the same with or without the image shown after the shot, if I use it, it's for 1,5 sec. only and during those 1,5 sec. you can't see the response but it's there after the image has gone.

You are right, and I think I recall now that it was one of the earlier FW changes (maybe 1.20) that allowed changes using the physical dials to take effect while the file was writing. But still leaving you unable to access the menu or use other controls such as the AF button while it was writing.

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