Sony's response to the XS-1 ?

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Let's not get too excited,RX10 zoom ring is

is NOT manual/mechanical.

Instead, when you turn the zoom ring, it sends signal to a little servo, and then the little servo drives a gear box...... Basically no different from your $200 toy superzoom.

Quote from imaging-resource hands on preview:

"A common gripe I have about fly-by-wire zoom controls is that they often aren't very fast, and the Sony RX10's zoom operation is unfortunately no exception. Whether controlled via the W/T zoom toggle or the zoom ring on the lens, the RX10's zoom operation can best be called leisurely. I understand why fly-by-wire zooms need to move at a very measured pace when controlled via a toggle control, but a zoom ring offers much richer possibilities, in which large or small, rapid or gradual motions of the ring could convey to the camera detailed information about the user's intent. Why not free the zoom ring from the plodding pace dictated by the zoom toggle, and allow for both more rapid and more precise control? It's possible that the very measured pace of the RX10's zoom operation is all that the actuator can manage, but if there's some margin for greater speed, I hope Sony will consider a firmware update to provide more responsive control when the zoom ring is used."

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