How often do you upgrade your camera gear ?

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Re: How often do you upgrade your camera gear ?

Cheap compacts: every 18 months on average. What can I say, I'm a normal, healthy adult male; I like my toys and so does my daughter, prime benefactor of my hand-me-downs.

Other bodies: every 48 months on average. What can I say, I'm  a normal, healthy independant business owner; spending more than $100 on anything without a clear ROI hurts like a *****. I'm expecting that 48 months figure to go up quite a bit with my current camera, though; you naturally spend money faster when you're still learning, but that's hardly the case now.

Lenses, flashes, et al: I'm still using the solid metal tripod I inherited from my late father, which he'd bought before I was even born. If that doesn't answer your question, see above under "normal, healthy independant business owner". Though I do tend to find an excuse to buy a new lens every 2-3 years, specially when there's a nice deal on the used market for less than the magical $100 figure.

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