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Re: Well I really enjoy your photography... (n/t)

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Joe, I enjoy my photography as well... the point is that I am not at the level I wish to be. I guess the thrust of my post is that there is much to be learned both in using the gear and the post-processing.. both of which I enjoy.

While I will never be the best photographer on the planet I can surely strive to be better and one of the ways I do that is to view the work of those who are so much better.. just to keep the level of my work in proper perspective and a way of raising the bar on a personal level.

You're really talking about life in general - either you're trying to get better, or you're going downhill. There doesn't seem to be a steady-state where you can just free-wheel along - in photography or anything.

But I agree that looking at other people's photographs is a wonderful way to learn and gain inspiration.  I always enjoy the local exhibitions put on to show the work of young photographers in college or even high school.  Sometimes it may be a bit rough around the edges, but it is always bursting with ideas and energy!


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