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Photo-Wiz wrote:

I have ordered from B&H for about thirty years. Great store, great return policy. In my experience, they have always been up front about whether an item is in stock, and always shipped when they said they would ship.

I think OP's experience is an aberration...and frankly not that serious a set back.

Until B&H stepped onto the scene with their high standards of integrity, most of those New York stores advertising in the back of Popular Photography and Modern Photography were like a Wild West show. You never knew what you were going to get...or who was going to call you later to try to sell you extra accessories, and if you didn't buy, then the camera you thought you had purchased for such a good price was all of a sudden out of stock.

B&H changed all that, because it gave you a store which dealt honesty and high integrity.

I should add that I also always had good experience with Adorama.


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