Sony A7 AF Speed: video example

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Re: Sony A7 AF Speed: video example

Donny out of Element here wrote:

raminolta wrote:

According to this video, from my personal experience with Nex 5r, I can say the A7 has noticeably improved in its Hybrid AF speed and responsiveness over Nex 5r:

What do you think?

You probably missed my post with the same exactly video that I posted 1 day ago

Basically I will restate my point: it is no faster than my 5N. Either OSPDAF is again a gimmick or it was not kicking in due to low-light. However, I can't say that it was low-light - it was quite decently lit and if Sony a7/r OSPDAF can't kick in with that amount of light - than all indoor shots and low-light shots will be using only slowish CDAF. I'm still hoping that full review will give us some details on AF.

P.S. All that PDAF did in 5r/5t/6 was reduced hunting, but it didn't improve AF speed, at least not by feasible amount to be noticed without doing tests with stopwatch.

More importantly, I don't that much care for AF speed for stills (which is sufficient even in 5N), but I really care for AF continuous tracking for moving objects: running kids, dogs, sport, birds etc. That is more important for me and many others.

I don't know what kind of magic 5N you have, but mine isn't anywhere near that speed of the A7.

See the video below. The 5N auto focus isn't that fast from my point of view.

You can say how OSPDAF is a gimmick all you want. But before you take both camera with equal lens and do a timing test on a equal camera. The discussion won't get anywhere.

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