Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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my thoughts

i personally at this point am not interested.    I have a full frame Nikon setup.  I also have Fuji X and m43 setups.   To add one more system would be just hard $$$wise.   Now why would I need the A7...  the only reason would be for traveling.   However for travel I'd need a good zoom or several primes and the 28-70 looks huge, 24-70 is even larger and super expensive.  55 looks large too.  35/2.8 is the only somewhat compact lens and I am already reading in reviews 'little soft in corners wide open.'   seriously, 2.8 lens for $800 that is soft in the corners?   We are not talking about F/1.4 lens, it is a 2.8, how easy it is to make a 2.8 prime?  should cost $150 like Canon's 40/2.8 pancake.  And that is not pancake either by any stretch of imagination.

I guess one can get metabones adapter and adapt Canon L lenses and have (very slow) Autofocus, but these are large too.    The only interesting thing for me is whether NEX E cheaper primes like 35/1.8, 50/1.8, Sigmas 19 and 30/2.8 exhibit a lot of vignetting, or is it ok for some of them?   I am surprised nobody tried it yet.    I assume you get AF with all these emount NEX lenses, right?   I know with Nikon, some DX lenses can be easily use in FX mode with little or NO vignetting (in some cirrcumstances) such as 35/1.8G DX lens, 10-24 Nikon DX starting at around 16mm wide, etc.    I wonder what the situation is with these lenses designed for NEX.    They would have to be all tried one-by-one to see which one covers the full frame.   In the worst case scenario, these Nex e lenses can be used in crop mode on A7r with no vignetting at 15.9MP, meaning you are getting yourself a 16MP full frame small camera with smaller and cheaper lenses.

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