Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

kcamacho11 wrote:

Asylum Photo wrote:

If you notice a lack of detail for your work flow, then that answers your question, doesn't it?

I use LR and there's a lack of detail in some scenes... those scenes I use Iridient, and the detail is outstanding.

Also, lowering NR for JPEGs helps out.

But again, it's all about your work flow. If you prefer to keep NR settings stock, or shoot in a certain fashion and the detail is less than the NEX, then for your purposes, the NEX outputs more detail, and that's all that really matters.

My NR setting is set to LOW on both cameras.

I guess what I mean is that when I zoom in a bit, I tend to see more smudging in the X-E1 photo, while the NEX-6 retains more detail and sharpness.

Then it sounds like the NEX-6 suits your needs better, doesn't it? Not really sure what you're looking to gain here... Some cameras work better for some folks than others *shrugs*

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