Are you tempted to switch to Sony A7 or get one as well as your Fuji?

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Re: The lenses will be huge...

NTNphoto wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

A small compact full frame

The lenses will be huge, heavy and expensive. So the small compact body does not matter any more.

I prefer the Fujifilm approach of building high quality cameras: Innovative sensor design and fast, high quality lenses.

(That's why I never bought a NEX: the lenses are comparatively slow)

Not necessarily. If you plan to use manual focus lenses with the excellent sony focus peaking you're looking at a very small set up. Probably smaller than the Fuji really especially if you're talking the Fuji with that 55-200 on it. M mount lenses are very small and if you can live with their high quality vs lack of AF vs price you'll be in for a treat.

I for one have already preordered one of the sony cameras. I shoot mainly raw so I don't care that sony's jpegs stink and I'll be shooting M glass on it so I don't care about the AF lenses being too big although I don't think the primes look THAT big. I'm also being more of an editorial and portrait photographer I don't go much wider than 35mm so I probably won't run into the issues with the wide angle rangefinder lenses that Wide angle shooters will.

What it means for me and Fuji well ill probably keep the X-E1 and use it from time to time. It's not really worth all that much on the secondary market and I can mount M glass on it still and if I plan on shooting jpegs it'll definitely be better than the Sony. I'll probably never shoot it in RAW anymore. I've always found their RAW files frustrating so Fuji can be my jpeg camera I guess which isn't really a terrible thing.

I'm guessing most people won't want to give up AF though and we've yet to see how these new Sony's perform with rangefinder lenses, there have been issues at the boarders with ASPC sensors so FF is obviously a challenge.

Yeah the performance of RF lenses is definitely a concern of mine. If they don't perform well I'm fairly certain I won't be getting an A7 due to it's current limited lens offerings.

I preordered one at about 3AM EST from amazon just so I'm in early, but it being amazon I can cancel it at any time should it come to light the M lenses don't work well. I'm not a big wide angle photographer so if 35mm and up work well adapted I'll be ok. Using the rangefinder lenses will keep the whole thing small which is what I want. The AF lenses may just be a little too large for what I'm looking for in the A7.

I also preordered the 55mm lens just to get in line but I suspect I may cancel that either way. I'm sure it's a great lens, but I'd like to keep things compact if I can.

I of course have some Nikon lenses I could adapt or some old m42 lenses for fun, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it really.

I may just sit tight and see how it all shakes out. I thought about selling my Fuji since I've been a bit unhappy with the RAW processing, but it's not really worth all that much with the impending X-E2 so I may as well keep it since the jpegs are so nice.

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