Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

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Re: Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

JTC111 wrote:

John Pennington wrote:

There seems to be quite a few cameras recently - Sony NEX 7, Fuji X-E1 that have their viewfinders on the left, which is great for right-eye shooters.

However, there are lots of people who are left-eye shooters, why are there no cameras with the viewfinder on the right?

Is it due to the shutter button traditionally having been in the right corner?

I just had a strange experience. I read your post and at once realized I've never once ever considered that people use different eyes when behind the camera. But what made it strange, is that as I was sitting here without my camera, I couldn't figure out which eye I use. I had to go pick up my camera to know for sure. Turns out I use my left eye.
And just for poops and giggles, I put my right eye to the view finder... wow! ...quite a bit more room for my face that way. But the reality is I don't think I'd ever get used to using my right eye.

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I am a left eye shooter (mainly due to the fact my right eye vision was always much worse) but was prompted by your comment to give it a try using that eye - bummer, shooting "normally" my nose hits the LV button. With the right eye, it hits the ISO button....no win either way. Conclusion: most cameras were designed by the people with very small noses and  the small cameras by the people with rather small hands: which somewhat got me thinking that aliens did it (but not "Paul" as it would have much larger eye piece).;-)

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