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Re: pure , uncut bs

Harold66 wrote:

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Harold66 wrote:

With the E-M1 evolving into larger and more expensive, and the A7 to the smaller and somewhat less expensive for FF, suddenly the formats meet in the middle with the same sizes and cost.

Simply put , it is NOT true. You can find a lens or a body that is almost the same size and weight than another body with a smaller sensor BUT any SERIOUS discussion is about the size of the system and chiefly the size AND weight of the elements in the system that one is using

the m4/3rds lens at identical apertures AND performance will always be ( or make it95% of them if you will) smaller than their aps counterparts.. and even so of the cameras with a 35mm sensor ( what people here call full-frame)

Haven't we been through this a million times already? With an FF sensor, you can have a lens two stops slower, and still have the same DOF control offered by a m43 lens.

you know it may come as a surprise to you but not everything about aperture is about DOF control. for most images where subject is over 10 feet and lens stopped at 5.6 or less , this not so much about DOF control that about right exposure and getting the image the way the photogs want to show it

And the higher light gathering ability of the FF sensor makes noise levels and dynamic range equivalent even with a two stops smaller aperture.

this is BS in its purest form . only pixel peepers are looking at noise the way you are . in most NORMAL circumstances noise on an image is not a esthetic factor on deciding the interest of an image. Not to mention that stopping lens down brings diffraction that could diminish or eliminate the advantages you mention together

BUT all of this is beside the point . Make a simple experience based on facts. say that most photographers need three or 4 lenses of different focal lengths to cover their needs on a long trip. Now take ANY interchangeable lenses system in APS or larger sensor and GIVE me FOUR Lenses of different focal lengths that altogether with the camera are not significantly BIGGER than say an ep5 or an omd with four lenses of the same focal length

Go ahead . try it ...

I know , I know facts haev this pesky habit of getting in the way of people like you who are trying to make a point even if not supported by facts

the FACT is that for mirorless cameras WITH interchangeable lenses and comparing apples and apples , the m4/3 system is wayyy more compact than any aps sizes ( or of course larger ones) sensor camera systems

it may not be a matter to you or those who choose to go with aps or 35mm sensors.Each system has its own advantages or drawbacks but the relative success of the m4/3 system is defintely based on the OVERALL size of the system


Let me try: samsung nx 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, 45mm and zoom 20-50mm. That is 5 lenses, good to excellent optics and the size is definitely comparable to m4/3. So what do I win?

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