FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Re: FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Stevie Boy, while I'd hate to see you spend your precious time over at the Fuji forum, I know that one must pursue their dream. I think some of the guys here have gotten excellent results from the FZ70, but most of us still are longing for Panasonic to give us an upgraded FZ200 with longer reach, not the somewhat downgraded FZ70. That being said, we got what we got.

I've never been a Fuji admirer. Can't say exactly why except that they seem to come very close without completely delivering. Panasonic garners more awards for good reason usually.

HS cameras usually need tweaking to get the best quality. Reviewers are often mistakenly reviewing HS camera as chewtoy in auto-mode which is its weakest department so images will end up being average if not at par. If you do proper testing, you will see that it will deliver at par or better quality than competitors. (see my HS50 vs. SX50 comparison).

I've never owned a Fuji, so I have no real reason to speak up here, I guess. I did a search and came up with an interesting webpage of an HS50 owner who posts his work along with his impressions of the camera. Might be worth taking a look. Whatever you do, please know that you've been a great asset here in the Panasonic forum. Don't be a stranger if you go with Fuji!


Another testament that HS50 is a great camera when handled properly.

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Looking at the pbase site shows the big majority of images to be heavily processed to the point of HDR. Not saying they are not attractive, but certainly they are not natural colors. I think the downside of the HS series is the vast majority of buyers don't know to try the various settings..and why would they as Fuji makes no mention of adjustments/changes. The Pannys, Canons, Nikons all make it much easier to get a sharp image, even in auto mode.

Regarding FZ70: I was very surprised to see one at my local Target store here in N. California! It's the first and only FZ I have seen at Target. Even BestBuy does not carry the FZ series, although once in awhile, Frys (rarely) and Costco (sometimes) have them displayed. Same with Fuji..they push the lower end S2000 something to S4500 somethings, but never a HS, or heaven forbid, their XS-1.

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