Swapping EM1 for A7

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Don't be a perzon again....

ianbrown wrote:

Well just my luck only had the EM1 for a week and Sony bring a FF compact system camera out!!!!

Dont get me wrong I really like the EM1, BUT, before I invest in quality lenses for the EM1 I will stick it up for sale.

At least I shouldn't loose too much as the body is difficult to get at the moment

Any one else thinking of swapping?

Ok before anyone says it I have had a few cameras, but like many the A7 is the one I have been waiting for!



You change cameras seemingly every week. E-M5, D600, Gh3, A99, GX-7, E-M1. If I hadn't seen the posts over time I would think you were a shill (that isn't an insult, its a comment on how it comes across). Please, for your own wallet and sanity, buy one camera and stick to it or start holding on to the ones you have and adding to them.

I have a ton of cameras too (though I am selling right now). The best one I bought recently (even better, from a fun perspective, than a E-M1) was a FM3A - I'm hoping to keep it for several years. Who knows. I might end up a better photographer as a consequence....


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