Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

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Re: Why are there no cameras with viewfinder on the right?

Well it's good to know you do exist!

I used to shoot a fair bit and never saw anyone use their left eye. I have never seen a left eyed photographer either.....but then if every camera is made for right eyes or is central I guess a left eyed photographer would not be easy to spot.

Just in case you think I 'm right side biased my wife and two of my children are left handed, although none feel the need to use the left eye.

When I had a recent eye test for my aspherical contact lenses the optician told me my left eye is dominant. The left eye has a lens geared more towards distance while my right eye is biased towards near vision....but I have always 'shot' either with my right eye or both eyes open.

Interestingly the EVF on my Nikon V 1 works brilliantly with both eyes open, far more than on any other camera. I can watch an object with my left eye and view it in camera with my right eye.....so maybe I am really left eyed after all?

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