How often do you upgrade your camera gear ?

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Re: How often do you upgrade your camera gear ?

There are three situations I can think of: It's broken, or either Technically obsolete, or Functionally obsolete.

If your gear is broken, you face the decision of whether it's cost-effective or even possible to get it fixed. And iven if you could fix the equipment, it could still be Technically or Functionally obsolete.

Technical obsolescence occurs when a new model with enhanced or added features are released (which you may want, but may or or may not really need to get the job done), and you have an older model.

Functional obsolescence is when the equipment you have just cannot do the job, or interface with newer equipment you have purchased.

Much equipment is technically obsolete a few months after release, but may not yet be functionally obsolete. I still use my Canon 5D classic (in the studio), but have acquired a 1D4 and 1DX to take advantage of better AF and better IQ at high ISO.

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