GX100 color failure?

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Re: GX100 color failure?

schaki wrote:

idnab wrote:


Regarding Nikon P330 - from my personal experience - jpegs are not bad at all.

User Interface is capable for the category, however quite sluggish compared to some others, may still be acceptable for many.

The P330 may be viewed as somewhat of a substitute of GX100.

In what way is the P330 sluggish? Only the UI/menus or even the AF?

Yes, the menu system is slow, for capture and playback,  although you can live with it after a while if you don't mind taking your time. I use the manual AF mode in which you can place the focus area where you prefer in the frame, works fine, not tried other AF modes yet.

A nice touch in UI - the programmable Fn button for 10 sets of capture variables.

There is a NR filter which is variable for jpegs and I prefer the lowest NR setting.

About the sample images in reviews, still I was not impressed with what I saw. Maybe NR Low or Off, if the later is available, might help as well as tweak the in camera parameters for the jpeg output.

I've not had a look at sample images from other competing compacts yet if if I might believe that the Powershot S120 is close to the P330 with edges over and below each other.

I'm not really interested in Canon compacts as the UI is not very good imo. Tested the waterproof Powershot D20 last spring and returned it even though I to some extent liked the image quality with low NR for that sensor-size which was 1/2.3" Cmos.

I still have Coolpixes which I like. Though these are old. Coolpix 700 2mp and the classic 950 with swivel body. None of them are fast really but however that is problem or not depends how I try to use it.

In the past I've had a Coolpix 5400 but found it somewhat big and clumsy and the images looked very digital to me. Also tested the P50 but fell out with that one too.

I like my somewhat old 5mp Contax TVS Digital quite a lot. Good image quality which sometimes even holds up at iso 320 and inuitive UI as for the Ricohs and also short shutter release lag. But the AF is not very fast, at least it it pretty accurate for most of the time.

The Ricoh Caplio R3 seems to be the best overall of the small Ricoh super-zoom compacts.

The R4 had slightly better lcd but occasional banding problem in darker parts of the images. Frm what I remember the images was noisier than these from the R3 with same iso setting, iso 100.

It had a new 6mp ccd compared to 5mp in the R3.

And the R5, may have been, the last real R-series camera dspeite some flaws, as the later ones like the R6 no longer had fast Phase detection AF and worse NR.

The R10 probably took the price for possibly being the worst of the last 4 (there never was a R9).

The CX series is probably ok and I'e begun to use a CX4 but will try to find a decent R3 and a R5 to since keep the best of them.

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