How to get less DOF with strobes

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Re: How to get less DOF with strobes

You can add extra diffusion material in your softbox or on the front of it, like some of the Roscoe Tough Spun, Silk, or Frost. You can stack those diffusers till you get the reduction you want - we used to use 3 or 4 layers of it on hairlight with only barndoors and it worked great.

Roscoe also makes large sheets of ND filters that you can cut, tape, and fashion in to a shape that covers your strobe in case you did not want to add to much ND to your camera lens. Too much ND on your camera can make focusing (and sometimes composing and viewing images) very hard if you are in a dark studio.

We had a bunch of Alien Bee 1600's and found they were too strong in small rooms, so we ended up buying some 800's and that made things a lot simpler - and we got faster flash duration to boot.

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Eric in Florida

PS - there are also some sellers on ebay offering diffusion "socks" that fit right over your flash head to reduce some of the output. Those can work, just never leave your modeling light on for long as they can be fire risks!

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