Olympus Stylus1 24-300mm 1/1.7" sensor

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Henry Falkner
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C-2100UZ RIP

jacketpotato wrote:

Finally after over a decade, an update to the ledgendary UZI ... C2100uz

You mean - it will use SmartMedia cards, have an underrated diode that stops the camera altogether, have only 2MP which discourages any cropping, needs a cable and a bracket to attach an external flash, and so on?

Many past and current pocket P&S jobs are more reliable, better specified, AND they permit enlargements AFTER cropping. I have the Stylus 9010 and the SZ-30MR.

I do keep museum pieces, like the C-990/D-490 and the SP-570UZ, for their excellent picture quality AT THE TIME (!!!), their continuing reliability - and because I consider it unethical to sell a camera for which the memory cards are no longer available. But the bragging rights for these have expired some time ago.

C-2100UZ - Rest In Pieces.

The Stylus 1 does look nice, and it does have a conventional hot shoe according to the photo.

But Sandra has stopped posing years ago, and her chores don't give me the time (or inclination) to look for another (female) model. This situation makes a new pocket P&S (SH-50 iHS) more desirable and practical - for which I have Sandra's go-ahead.


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