Who's upgrading to the XE2 from the XE1?

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Re: Who's upgrading to the XE2 from the XE1?

deednets wrote:

As so often also a matter of money: If you could and had the money, would you?

I WILL get the X-E1. The reasons:

1. Slit screen manual focussing on legacy glass.

2. X-Flash setting separate

3. AF closing the gap between DSLR and mirrorless (not expecting the same, but closer...) at the moment I wouldn't do an event with the X-E1, wouldn't be confident enough regarding focus.

Life is short!

+1! Life is short. B&H Pre-order is in. I think the improvements in AF speed, the MF split screen, more current X-Trans, etc. justifies the upgrade. I bought my X-E1 and 3 lenses during the June rebates so I basically got the X-E1 body for "free", therefore it's not a painful upgrade money-wise. Whatever I get for the X-E1 on eBay will be more than it cost!

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