Question About X-Trans Detail

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Re: Question About X-Trans Detail

it's easy enough to use different screen names if what you say is true. I did the logical thing, which was to look at your gallery to see whether you had any examples. It revealed 0 images and the string of posts just mentioned... It required no stalking, simply a click on your name.

my suggestion would be that you upload images to display the difference when you begin a thread such as this. Some of us are actually interested, and would like to examine the problem you identify. When I clicked on your name to see that string of posts, it was only logical to reach the conclusion I did.

No malice. Thanks for clarifying. Why don't you post a comparison so we can see the issue you describe? It would be helpful.

Well my brothers are lazy in a sense, and I always leave myself logged in at Dpreview so they just use my screen name.

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