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kcamacho11 wrote:

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kcamacho11 wrote:

I have both an X-E1 and a NEX-6 (purchased the NEX-6 for HD video and tilt screen).

I have both cameras with their kit lenses (18-55 and 16-50). The concern I have is that when I zoom in a bit (not even 100%), I am seeing more detail in the NEX-6 images compared to my X-E1. I find this odd as both cameras are 16MP with excellent sensors.

For example, I took a picture of my dog with each camera, at very similar focal length and same aperture (F5.6), ISO200....yet when viewing it in my Macbook Pro, when I zoom in to see the detail of my dog's face, like the eyes, nose, etc. the NEX-6 photo just looks sharper to me.

Both were jpeg's, straight out of the camera, no post-processing...and I have each camera's sharpness setting at +1.

The X-E1 photo looks great when viewing in its regular size, but its when I zoom in where I see some differences every now and then. Not only in this photo of my dog, but in others as well.

What could be the issue here? Does the X-Trans sensor suffer from a bit of lack of detail?

Let's see...

Here you say you have an X-E1 and a Nex6.

Four days ago you wrote (in m4/3 forum) about your Panasonic GX7 (a new camera model) and your Canon 70D.

Then 2 days ago you wrote that you received your Canon 70D that morning, your favorite DSLR ever.

Then 1 day ago you wrote that you own a Nex7, your "favorite camera of all time."

Then 1 hour ago you wrote that your RX100M2 is your favorite camera -- you dumped all your DSLR gear for it.

Now you write that you have an X-E1 and Nex6, and have concerns about the detail of the Fuji.

Well I have a 2015 American Motors Pacer that I'm having difficulties with...

Come on...

stalkstôk/verbgerund or present participle: stalking

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Might as well give you all the info, before you try to hack into my computer to find out who I am.

My name is Karel. I am one of 3 brothers. I am a professional photographer and I own an arsenal of cameras just for fun, because I just happen to love photography and technology. X-E1, NEX-6, NEX-7, 70D (my favorite camera of all time for video, sorry for misinterpretating), Nikon D600, among them.

My two other brothers, are not pro's and one of them owns an RX100M2 and the other owns a GX7 (which I bought for his b-day). Nontheless, they are always borrowing my cameras and using them.

The three of us, post here using MY same screenname (kcamacho11). My youngest brother lives with me, and he is usually the one posting, not me.

Are you happy?

it's easy enough to use different screen names if what you say is true.  I did the logical thing, which was to look at your gallery to see whether you had any examples. It revealed 0 images and the string of posts just mentioned... It required no stalking, simply a click on your name.

my suggestion would be that you upload images to display the difference when you begin a thread such as this. Some of us are actually interested, and would like to examine the problem you identify. When I clicked on your name to see that string of posts, it was only logical to reach the conclusion I did.

No malice. Thanks for clarifying. Why don't you post a comparison so we can see the issue you describe? It would be helpful.

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