Fuji XE2 vs X100s / Lens help/ Nikon User here !

Started Oct 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji XE2 vs X100s / Lens help/ Nikon User here !

OP...honestly, my initial reaction to your post was: "I don't think Fuji mirror less is for you".  Why? Because I don't see how the XE2 has any huge wow factor over the X100s, which you seem pretty ho-hum about.  That said, it definitely took me a few weeks to get "my head around" my XP1, quirky indeed coming from a dslr.  Nowthe XP1 is my go-to camera 80% of the time.  My D800 with top of the line Zeiss and Nikon glass doesn't see much use.  I use my Mamiya RZ67 as much as my D800 now.

If you go for a XE2, I highly recommend the 14mm, 23mm, 35mm and waiting for the 56mm lenses....choose what fits your needs.  I own the 60mm and when it "hits", it's fantastic, but not the fastest or most reliable lens in the line.  Otherwise, I find the fuji lens to be fantastic!

Good luck!

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