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xeriwthe wrote:

kcamacho11 wrote:

I have both an X-E1 and a NEX-6 (purchased the NEX-6 for HD video and tilt screen).

I have both cameras with their kit lenses (18-55 and 16-50). The concern I have is that when I zoom in a bit (not even 100%), I am seeing more detail in the NEX-6 images compared to my X-E1. I find this odd as both cameras are 16MP with excellent sensors.

For example, I took a picture of my dog with each camera, at very similar focal length and same aperture (F5.6), ISO200....yet when viewing it in my Macbook Pro, when I zoom in to see the detail of my dog's face, like the eyes, nose, etc. the NEX-6 photo just looks sharper to me.

Both were jpeg's, straight out of the camera, no post-processing...and I have each camera's sharpness setting at +1.

The X-E1 photo looks great when viewing in its regular size, but its when I zoom in where I see some differences every now and then. Not only in this photo of my dog, but in others as well.

What could be the issue here? Does the X-Trans sensor suffer from a bit of lack of detail?

since you're comparing JPEG, i'll give you my quick summary of what i've learned about relative detail levels between bayer and x-trans:

- generally, cameras with bayer sensors like your NEX-6 will output JPEGs with higher sharpening levels than x-trans cameras, with a concomitant increase in sharpening artifacts. if you look at sharp transitions you might see a bit more haloing around edges

- the x-trans images may appear a bit smudged in fine details, especially if you use default NR settings. at low ISO, things will generally just look softer than the Bayer camera.

in my own work flow, using JPEG from x-trans sensor, i set sharpening to soft (-2), NR to -2 or -1, and then sharpen in lightroom with a large radius. it takes some time to tweak things to my liking, but i really enjoy the appearance of the images.

to give you my (probably biased) opinion on the x-trans vs bayer debate: if the user knows what he/she is doing, one can produce very sharp, very clean, smoothly detailed images, that have a different sort of look than the standard consumer-sharpened bayer image. it's not always better, but it's a unique and pleasing appearance

Thank you so much for your explanation.

To be honest, I only shoot Jpeg and I hate post-processing. I only PP when I absolutely have to. So I will leave the settings as is. I just had this doubt, because in certain similar of similar subjects/scenes, I was seeing a whole lot of difference between both cameras. For a second, I thought something was wrong with my X-E1 because the NEX-6 photos looked much sharper and detailed.

Thanks again!

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