Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

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Re: Why is the SLT-A58 so cheap, any obvious reasons?

havoc315 wrote:

nned because it was a slight downgrade to the A57 in some ways. The screen size, resolution, articulation is worse. It shoots slower(A still fast 5fps), and it doesnt shoot 3d or 1080p@60.

I will respectfully disagree about the 5fps being "still fast." I found the burst rate on the A58 to be useless, even compared to entry level dSLRs from other makes.

If you could continuously shoot at 5 fps, then I would agree it was still a decently fast burst rate. But unfortunately, the A58 also suffers from a small buffer and/or slow processor.

If you shoot raw, you can only get that 5fps for about 1 second --- After just 6 shots, you slow down and need to wait for the buffer to clear. Even shooting jpeg, you get only 8 shots. Raw+jpg, just 5 shots, and then need to wait 8 seconds for the buffer to clear.

In comparison, the Nikon D3200, *only* shoots 4fps --- But it can shoot continuously for 20 jpeg frames or 12 RAW frames.

I still shoot with the A55. It's burst problem is that the buffer clears very slowly after a long burst. But still, the burst is much much longer than the A58 -- Can shoot 10 fps, for 32 jpegs or 19 raw images!

So as you can see, the burst rate of the A58 is pretty pathetic. Sony A55 --- A 19 RAW shot burst, at 10 fps. The Nikon D3200, a 12 RAW shot burst at 4fps. Or the A58, a 6 shot burst at 5fps.

(all stats come from Imaging-Resource)

If you just look at the fps rate, it is deceiving. You need to look in conjunction with the buffer rate, to determine how usable the burst is. As you can see, the burst on the A58 is nearly useless. For example, I'll do burst shooting to capture my son at bat in little league. I'll start the burst as the ball approaches, and follow through the swing. This timing would be impossible with the A58, but with the A55, I get a nice 10-15 shot presentation of the entire atbat.

The A58 may be a very good camera in terms of still image quality, but it simply isn't as useful as the A55/57. (An articulating LCD is useful, a faster more effective burst rate is useful.... these are things that help you GET the shot.)

Agreed on  burst rate, but fortunately not an issue for me. What I do find more useful over the A55 is peaking for manual focus and a decent auto bracket mode. As for focus issues I've used the A58 with multiple Minolta legacy lenses, a Sony 16-50/2.8, 55-300, 18-55, and a 70-200/2.8 and none had any issues at all which is far more than i can say for the recent Nikons and the Canon 6D that I've used.

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