Who is buying a Sony A7/r to use with Pentax FA Limited lenses?

Started Oct 16, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: Who is buying a Sony A7/r to use with Pentax FA Limited lenses?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Joe Ogiba wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Who is buying a Sony A7 or A7r to use with Pentax FA limited lenses (Manual focus only and will require an adapter)

I am curious as to what people think. This is exactly the camera I wanted from Pentax, a full frame camera great for manual focus use with all those old takumars, or for use with new lenses etc.

Wow , 22% are buying the full frame Sony A7/A7r to use with Pentax lenses even after the news of the new Pentax APS-C K-3.

Agreed, and that was closer to 30% at the beginning of the poll. That is a huge percentage of buyers.

You mean the 13 votes, making 14.1% of those who participated? (I didn't, because I don't have any FA Limiteds - but most likely I will buy a Pentax FF DSLR and new, modern lenses).

Obviously a lot are staying, but that is high enough that I would worry about it if I were Pentax.

"We are seeing an increase in share and expect healthy growth" - worry about what?

Granted this is an isolated group of gearheads in these forums, but it does say that Pentax users want that camera. Pretend this camera said Pentax LX on exactly the same camera, I am sure the number would be even higher than 22%.

Yeah, if you would pretend it's a Pentax - but it isn't, is a completely different kind of camera.



A lot more than 13 people will get this camera. Alex, have you ever shot the 31/43/77 on a full frame Pentax film body? I have. The results are absolutley breathtaking, no apsc can touch it. As soon as someone posts up some portraits with the 77mm & a7 combo... I guarantee most fa limited owners are going to be seriously reconsidering buying a Sony a7.

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