Olympus Stylus1 24-300mm 1/1.7" sensor

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Re: Olympus Stylus1 24-300mm 1/1.7" sensor

SHood wrote:

cainn24 wrote:

SHood wrote:

I think it might be a constant f2.8

Where did you hear that it might be a constant f/2.8? That would be quite compelling, at least for people who are willing to sacrifice one stop at the wide end for the extra reach (thinking of XZ1/XZ-2 users here).

This came from a rumor a month ago. Seems pretty accurate now.


This rumour about the compact camera with 4/3 is incorrect. The new compact will have the same size sensor as the XZ-2, it will however have a new lens, 28-300mm with a constant f2.8. Will be announced in Oct

Thanks for that.  Exciting stuff.

I also noticed a lens patent from a few months ago that shows a 4.4-67mm f2.4-f4.2 lens. I am not sure if this is related to this announcement but it does look like we will be getting a fast lens.

That sounds like a 20-300mm EFL, or thereabouts.  And given the actual FL, it's obviously for a compact as well.  But would they be releasing more than one with a 300mm reach?  If not, it will probably have the lens you've just mentioned.  Interesting.  A constant f/2.8 would be better though I think.

This same link shows the patent for the next XZ-3 (6-24mm f1.4-f1.8).

That's a little bit drool-worthy I think   Panasonic will have to step it up a notch to retain the enthusiast compact lens speed crown.

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