Aladino flash (Windowlight) HELP

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Aladino flash (Windowlight) HELP

Hi everyone

Listen, i need help here.

We have a Lucifero Windowlight with 3 Aladino flash heads in and one flash tube is now dead

I used it daily for fashion and i have been so lucky with this. I bought it 10 years ago and i have never changed a flash tube in it and now that moment came

I have no idea where to find this flash tube. I don't even know what its called, model, brand etc.

The reason i ask in here is maybe someone else is using this system and know where to find this.

Trust me, i have googled it so many time but vary little about Aladino flash comes up.

I'm desperate now, i need 1,2 or 3 new flash tubes for the future and ofcause for the lamp with a dead flash right now.

Please if someone know just a little about this. I would be so happy if you would point me in the right direction

First i didn't even know the flash head was called Aladino but from another search i found a ebay seller who was selling one and he wrote Aladino and i was so happy. Know i know what its called Weeeee

But it didn't help me finding it. lol

Hope you guys out there know something maybe.. Thanks


Erik Sjogren


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